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Мнениеот jf_4444 » 22 Яну 2013, 01:44

On your website, I found this:

5. (изм. - ДВ, бр. 99 от 2005 г., в сила от 10.01.2006 г.) възпроизвеждането от средствата за масово осведомяване на вече разгласени статии по актуални икономически, политически или религиозни теми, в случай че такова използване не е било изрично забранено, при посочване на източника и името на автора, освен ако това е невъзможно;

I have a few visitors from bulgaria on my website, and I want to publish some quotes from bulgarian press.

The law says I am allowed to quote from mass media, only if I post the source (link for source).

Let's say this is the news: http://www.dnes.bg/world/2013/01/21/alb ... hez.178158

I want to post the title, and a small description, something like this:

Албания отне лиценза на чешката компания ЧЕЗ
Електроразпределението се връща под правителствен контрол
source:dnes.bg + link

Could there be any problem with copyright infringement ?

Thank you very much
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Re: Copyright

Мнениеот angel-of-justice » 24 Яну 2013, 16:39

You should read the General terms and conditions of Investor.bg (the owner of the website dnes.bg). You can find them here, sadly they are posted only in Bulgarian: http://ibg.bg/id-157/. You should stress on this:

3.5. Reproduction and copying of materials from sites of the group os "Investor.BG" AD, including current economic, political or religious topics, without the prior consent of "Investor.BG" is not allowed.
3.6. Any reproduction, distribution, modification, public display and similar or related actions of some or all of the content of the website of the group for Investor.BG other than the above is forbidden and will be prosecuted under the statutory procedure, unless there is explicit consent for Investor.BG for the type of use.

So if you'd like to publish their articles, you should firstly ask for the Investor.bg's permission. But if you only want to use article titles and to link to the articles in the main website, I'd say you don't need a consent because the Copyright law does not protect titles.
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Re: Copyright

Мнениеот adisakpana » 02 Мар 2015, 09:47

A creative thinking so much.
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