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Inheritance on credit

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Inheritance on credit

Мнениеот freza » 18 Юли 2019, 14:58

Hello everyone,,
I turn to you again by asking. Some time ago I wrote and the case is as follows: My mother died and left two heirs - me and her husband, whom I have been married since 2007. My mother has borrowed a consumer loan before the marriage, after which the loan grows to a modest amount of 3000 leva. My question is only for me whether the bank has to look for the money or from it (he has accepted the inheritance)? The NSSI has data only for me and so the bank contacted me, and what about it? What documents and whom should I request to know if the card was insured (the bank said it was not)? I was told by the bank that if the loan is not disbursed, my salary will be seized, can this be done?
Please help me.
Thanks for the vision
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